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Cory Collins

Before receiving his Bachelor's Degree in mass communications from Jackson State University, Cory had already begun working in his chosen field of study. Fueled by his passion for sports, he turned a junior year internship into a full-time position with the CBS-affiliate television station in Jackson, MS as a sports journalist, editor and videographer.

During that time, he had the opportunity to meet and interview a number of highly regarded, well-known sports figures such as Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Coach Phil Jackson, Coach Roy Williams, Lindsey Hunter, Derek Fisher, Monta Ellis, Mo Williams, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Al Jefferson, Eli Manning, Deuce McAllister, LaDainian Tomlinson, Steve McNair, Brett Favre, Joe Horn, Tim Brown and Andre Rison, as well as Michael Jordan's mother Deloris Peoples.

Despite being courted by the likes of ESPN and several other networks, he decided to leave the TV industry upon hearing of a brand new direct sales & marketing strategy that had been implemented in his area. He was intrigued by the unique opportunity for advancement.

Cory quickly mastered this new field and reached his goal of moving into a management position. Aspiring to be an entrepreneur, he was ready to take on his next challenge. With the experience that he'd gained, Cory founded Ample Opportunity, Inc. in December 2006, providing promotional marketing, customer acquisition and sales for large, service-based corporations such as AT&T, DIRECTV, U-verse, Dish Network and Staples.

As clientele and demand grew, Cory began recruiting and training one of the most professional, talented and dynamic team of sales representatives and account managers in the industry, which led to expansion into new territories and markets.

With years of experience under his belt - which included recruiting, employee training, leadership development, sales training, business development, client relations, human resources, administration, keynote speaking, and conducting more than one thousand interviews with job candidates over a period of time - Cory added "Business & Leadership Coach, Sales Trainer, and Speaker" to his professional resume. 

He now coaches a number of entrepreneurs across the country, helping them launch, market, brand, grow and expand their businesses. To further broaden his horizons, he also became a certified coach, teacher, and speaker with the John C. Maxwell team just shy of his 10 year anniversary as a business owner. This led to Ample Opportunity, Inc being named one of the top 10 corporate education and training companies in the country by Enterprise Services Outlook Magazine.

Cory also founded the Central Florida Business Alliance, an organization existing exclusively of highly-regarded, forward-thinking entrepreneurs who are movers and shakers in their respective industries, and work together unselfishly with a mutually benefiting goal of increasing business and clientele across the board. 

Additionally, he is the author of "Life is Easy. We Make it Hard - The World Wants You to Win. Get Out of Your Own Way," an award-winning self-help book that offers practical advice for its readers to follow on a range of topics such as unlocking your full potential, finding your true calling, overcoming adversity, building better relationships (both business and personal), connecting through communication, work/life balance, personal & professional development, attaining prosperity, self-fulfillment, and much more. 

"Life is Easy. We Make it Hard" is available on Amazon and at .

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