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As a growth-focused organization, we understand that our people are our greatest asset. This section describes each position here at Ample Opportunity, Inc.


Once someone has passed through the initial training, they are promoted to account management. Our account managers are the link between the clients we represent and potential customers. As an account manager, you are responsible for new customer acquisitions.

The focus of the account management position is to develop a person from someone who can “do” into someone who can “teach.” You will learn how to balance roles as a coach and mentor, as well as additional office responsibilities and continued personal development. By providing our account managers with direct one on one mentorship and training, we utilize this position to develop the leadership abilities and entrepreneurial mindset necessary to become a successful assistant manager and managing partner.


The role of assistant manager in our company is one of the toughest to obtain and therefore one of the most rewarding. Our assistant managers receive an instant raise of over 60 percent, partial profit sharing and multiple rewards and business trips.

The assistant management phase is designed to prepare that individual to become a managing partner. We teach you everything from business administration and finance to human resources and recruiting, at the same time keeping you as an active team leader and trainer of our sales and marketing team.  


Every manager in our company is an equity partner, enjoying full profit-sharing, strong corporate benefits and the autonomy that comes with managing a client and territory. As a manager, you are responsible for daily operations of the office and the development and advancement of a team of 15 to 50 people.

The role of a manager ranges from coach of the sales team to head of human resources to recruiter and team leader. We have a strong philosophy of “lead from the front.” Since every manager in our organization has held every position under them, they are able to coach and lead from experience, allowing open communication among all team members with an emphasis on mutual respect and admiration.


As the front line and face of our organization, our administration and human resources team is the main source of growth for our company. They are responsible for recruiting, sales support, general business administration and office management.  As with all positions, our administrators start entry level and have to learn field sales and marketing – giving them a full understanding of each aspect of our business. They serve as a source of knowledge, energy and encouragement for our entire staff.

Opportunities stemming from the administration position include corporate training and finance management for offices across the country. As we grow, so does the need for a strong administration team in all of our locations that will provide training, direction and upward mobility for those who show the most commitment, dedication and ambition.